Outdoor Adventure Club sends students to Keystone for skiing and snowboarding

The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) enjoyed  a four-day ski trip last week in Denver, Colo., and along the way explored different ranges while picking up various leadership qualities. 

Preparing for the trip prior to the flight to Denver was crucial to the success of the trip.

”We tried to hydrate really well because of the altitude going to 10,000 feet. Leg strength training helped with skiing or snowboarding, which some guys did,” said OAC moderator Patrick Zarrick. 

The trip consisted of four seniors, six juniors, and two sophomores.

“I would say that this is probably the most experienced group of skiers and snowboarders that I’ve ever had. A lot of guys brought their own equipment this year. Those who did not have gear rented their gear,” said Zarrick.

The beautiful weather on the first two days provided ideal skiing conditions for the skiers, and allowed for constant skiing at all times of the day.

“First two days, the weather was really sunny,” said Zarrick. “There was a good snowpack from all the snow they had. We had a couple inches of fresh powder that made the slopes really smooth. Keystone offered nightski, so we skied until about 7:30.”

There was a tradeoff however, as the second two days were really windy, but that did not stop the OAC ski members from skiing all day.

“We skied the third day in Breckenridge all day and then on the fourth day, we went to Keystone for a final full day of skiing,” said Zarrick. 

The group looks out on the Keystone slopes. photo | Patrick Zarrick

During the trip, students and teachers created bonds and demonstrated their leadership skills off the slopes.

“Besides the skiing, the best part of the trip was bonding with the group at dinner and afterwards in the cabins,” said junior Nick Malpiedi. “We all got to know the teachers who were there as well.”

While the students were bonding, they had multiple chances to learn and demonstrate leadership.

“This is a time for guys to get out on their own,” said Zarrick. “They have to help prepare meals, they have to help clean up—be responsible for themselves.”

Another theme of maturity the Bills showed was being independent out in the world. 

“We get a lot of independence on the mountain and can really explore wherever we want,” said Malpiedi. 

Not only were the Jr. Bills by themselves, but they had to work together if they wanted to have a better experience.

“The boys have to be prompt and accountable to the rest of the group so that everything works smoothly,” said Zarrick.

“This is our 10th year that we have been running the trip to Colorado,” said Zarrick. “Anyone looking for a future outdoor adventure, I highly recommend it.”

“I recommend it to anyone who likes to ski and adventure with your friends,” said Malpiedi.


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