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Satire: Second Senior Service Project

Many in the St. Louis U. High school community are beginning to notice once again the absence of the Class of 2023. Following Spring Break, the majority of the senior class took it upon themselves to embark on a second Senior Service Project instead of returning to classes.

Whereas tradition is for the senior class to serve the St. Louis community and those in underprivileged communities around the world for the month of January, the Class of 2023 will be doing the same for an indeterminate amount of time starting with this week. 

“This senior class is just so committed to service,” said Director of Campus Ministry Matt Stewart, SJ. “To give up the end of their senior year in the pursuit of service is truly admirable.”

A large number of the students choosing to continue service are those who attended the luxurious Dreams Jade resort in Cancún, Mexico over Spring Break.

“After seeing what it’s like here, I knew I couldn’t leave,” said one senior in a Snapchat story post presumably in reference to his desire for service. Somewhat bizarrely, the next slide on his story consisted of the senior screaming the refrain to Mr. Brightside in a dance club seven hours later.

It is still unclear who exactly these seniors are serving in their time in Mexico, but the feedback from those participating has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I think people really need this,” said another senior over FaceTime. He was seen wearing a white button-up shirt, which admittedly seems like odd attire for serving underprivileged communities in Mexico, though SLUH students do often try to look good for everything they do. 

Other seniors even seem to be submerged in the surrounding ocean in an effort to serve. It was suggested that they may be attempting to reduce plastic pollution in the water.

“The service here is pretty good,” said a senior in an Instagram livestream, his camera bobbing up and down with the waves. “I don’t even have to leave the water.”

Regardless of the hazy circumstances of this second Senior Service Project and the ambiguous end date, there is no doubt as to where the Class of 2023’s heart lies.






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