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SLUH Students show off trivia knowledge in Scholar Bowl tournament

St. Louis U. High students have been participating in the club Scholar Bowl this fall, an extracurricular where students compete head to head over their own knowledge of trivia. 

photo I Courtesy of Teresa Corely

Scholar Bowl is a competition between high schools where students compete in matches similar to the popular game show Jeopardy! By using prior knowledge and proper reasoning, students work to solve problems to earn points for their own school’s team. These competitions are held against other high schools throughout Missouri with two teams of four students each scoring by finding answers to complex trivia-like questions.

The four rounds of over 20 questions that Scholar Bowl students face can cover a wide array of topics, from Shakespeare or Greek mythology to mathematics, science, history, geography, art, and music. 

“Scholar Bowl really appeals to students who just like to know stuff,” said Corley. “(People in the club) just like to store this type of information because they are really interested and that’s where Scholar Bowl thrives.”

“Scholar bowl is extremely rewarding—particularly when you get a question correct,” said senior Nolan Travers. “It’s the challenge that makes it great.”

Scholar Bowl offers students an opportunity to widen and deepen their knowledge on topics that they may not encounter in SLUH’s academic curriculum. 

“I had never been in a group before that put emphasis on trivia and minuscule factoids,” said freshman Colin Reid. “Being in this community allows me a place to express this interest.”

“Scholar Bowl provides an opportunity for people who perform well in class and have a passion for learning to have a rewarding competitive activity,” said Travers. “That’s really one of the best parts of it.”

This past Saturday, SLUH’s Scholar Bowl competed in Washington, Missouri. With both the A-Team and B-Team competing in varsity, scholars strove to place well in this fierce state-wide tournament. Fighting against 48 teams, Scholar Bowl’s varsity team placed 11th overall and the JV team came in close behind at 16th.

“It was an all varsity tournament and, considering the fact that we had both our teams place that high, they did really well,” said Corley. 

Throughout October and November, Scholar Bowl played in a private school division against other Catholic schools in the area such as De Smet Jesuit High School, CBC High School, and Cor Jesu Academy, among others. On Wednesday, Scholar Bowl faced these schools and finished second, behind only Priory.

“We had some really great matches that really tested the team and showed how good of a team we were not just individually but also together,” said Maxwell Wagoner.

Scholar Bowl allows for students to altogether form a community showing off their trivial knowledge in a competitive form.

“Scholar Bowl … allows for lots of fun and reward,” saud Wagoner. “It allows for friendships you wouldn’t normally consider making and it doesn’t matter who you are because everyone is having a great time and celebrating.”






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