Monday marked the beginning of the most beloved week of the school year: Spirit Week. With different themes and events everyday, the student body readily jumped at the opportunity to show school spirit. 

Students playing spikeball on Monday of Spirit Week. Photo: Courtesy of SLUH Facebook.

The actual plans for Spirit Week started forming at a STUCO retreat where Student Council members and teachers met and started discussing ideas. 

“We started planning for Spirit Week really over the summer,” said STUCO president A.J. Tompson. “In general, we are just trying to bring a higher level of energy back to the halls of SLUH.”

With the school's block schedule, StuCo struggled to find spots throughout the day where events could happen and students could participate. 

“It was interesting trying to figure out how to do things with our schedule, because we have Activity Periods Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but Tuesdays and Thursdays we just have the little 30-minute Studiums,” said STUCO moderator Megan Menne. “So trying to figure that out, what big events do we want to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday was just a change up from previous years, like pre-pandemic years, when it was just, anything goes any day.”

Another challenge STUCO experienced was the school spirit. Coming out of a year where a lot of students were online for part of the year, and separated for most of the year, school spirit needed some lifting. 

“I'm just hoping that kids that didn't have the opportunity to get to school last year with Covid and maybe they felt like they were isolated from the SLUH community or from their classmates and brothers, that they feel that this Spirit Week brings them back together again. I hope that they come together to see that, hey, we are one. We are one SLU-High, we are all one brotherhood,” said STUCO spirit leader Matthew Kluba. 

Some of the highlights of the week were “recess” on Monday and the Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday. An Open Mic Night scheduled for last night was postponed until a later date to be determined..

“Recess exceeded our expectations, the response we got was very positive, I had a couple people ask if we could do it everyday,” said Thompson. “The scavenger hunt was the same way, we didn’t know too much about it going into it, but people seemed to love it, especially the underclassmen.” 

Sophomore John Posey and science teacher Tim O'Keefe dressed up for cowboy day. Photo: Courtesy of SLUH Facebook.

STUCO’s goal was to offer a range of events to appeal to each SLUH student, no matter his interests.

“I hope that whether you're a jock or whether you're an actor, whether you're a band member, or whether you're a Prep News writer, you can be able to come together and play spike ball or do a scavenger hunt together or sit next together in the pep rally, that's what I'm hoping,” said Kluba. 

“You can expect an event for everyone, no matter what you're into, what you look like, what your availability is, there's an event for everyone. I mean there's an event for people who like robotics, there's an event for people who like to sing, there's an event for  athletes, there's an event for people who in general just want to feel a sense of the SLUH community,” said STUCO Vice President Ismael Karim. 

One thing STUCO did to make the week easier for everyone and more enjoyable was use other clubs for help. StuCo turned to clubs like the KSHE Club, the Coffee Club, and the Tailgate Club to make sure that everyone was involved.

“I think that's part of the beauty of this week, it’s not just STUCO spirit, it's SLUH spirit. And oftentimes, with only a limited amount of STUCO members and all the things that we need to organize, it's so much better when we can partner up with student organizations … and make sure that nobody's left out during this week,” said Karim. 

Junior Grant McCormick and senior Brendan Stein enjoyed the week and the events they participated in. 

“I liked seeing some of my friends show up in swim trunks for the beach day. I thought that was very funny, as well as hearing about bashball during Activity Period on Monday knowing we haven't played it since freshman year,” said McCormick. 

“I’ve enjoyed Spirit Week a lot. I enjoyed recess, I played football with some friends. And there's gonna be a very fun pep rally on Friday,” said Stein. 

One of the final parts of the week is the mandatory pep rally that STUCO is planning during Activity Period today. By pairing school spirit with fall sports, STUCO is hoping  to create a fun time for everyone.

“Obviously we needed one for getting into the school year,” said Thompson. “We're going to try to incorporate all the fall sports into it, and just get everybody excited again.”

One of the last things happening this week is the tailgate starting at 4:30 this afternoon, leading up to the football game against Normandy at 6:00 p.m. With the stands bound to be packed, it's a great way to end a fantastic week. 

“It's gonna be a great time, hopefully people will pop out. I think it will be a kick off to a great weekend and a great game” said Tailgate Club treasurer Will Fitzgerald. 

Coming out of a pandemic, Spirit Week was a great way to build school spirit at the start of the year. 

“I think this week will be special because we're coming out of the year where we were not able to do a lot of the stuff that we're doing right now. And I think generally, the student body is more excited than they have been in past years, just returning to normalcy as best we can. So we're just going to feed off that energy and just elevate it for this week,” said Thompson. 


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