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NHS Teacher Karaoke set to return next week

As semester exams creep up on Oakland Avenue, students are likely to need an outlet to release stress and have some fun before a rigorous, three days of testing. This year, like years prior to the pandemic, Teacher Karaoke will seek to provide the entertainment every student needs while they prepare for a treacherous week of testing.

Art: Alex Deiters

Teacher Karaoke is hosted by the National Honor Society as a fundraising event. The donations collected go to a SLUH-related charity of choice. This year, the donations raised will go towards the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy charity which works to accelerate the research of Duchesne Syndrome and aid those with the condition. This charity has made a significant impact on freshman Henry Diemler, who has Duchesne's Syndrome.

“I feel grateful that they have decided to work with a charity that raises money for muscular dystrophy because it is a disease that affects me and others every single day,” said Diemler.

In recent years, the Teacher Karaoke has supported various SLUH causes, such as Variety STL, which works with junior Nick George, or Knockout ALD, which worked with junior Nick Purschke. 

Teacher Karaoke has a somewhat competitive format that rewards whoever receives the most donations for their respective act. Every act on stage is judged by the amount of donations that they receive during their act, and whoever is left with the most after the period is crowned the winner. Although some teachers may receive more donations than others, all the donations go directly to the Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy Charity.

“We’re just hoping to raise awareness and some money for a good cause to support a member of our community, but also to have a lot of fun,” said NHS moderator Lynne Casey. “Some teachers can legitimately sing but some are just really good sports and are willing to get up and do this for a great cause. It just shows what a great community of teachers we have here that they are willing to make a spectacle of themselves to spread good cheer and Christmas fun.”

Led by NHS leaders seniors Gavin Lawhorn, John West, and Peter James, the NHS is showcasing their annual Teacher Karaoke this year in the Commons. A key part of the event has always been the energy given off from the hosts, and this year does not look to disappoint.

“We’re thinking A.J. Thompson will host and I might help out as well, sort of Oscar style,” said Lawhorn. “It’s going to be a big surprise, but trust me it’ll be good.”

In the past, Teacher Karaoke has been headlined by a variety of teachers spanning every department here at SLUH to bring together the most viable suitors for this great showdown of vocal performances. The set-list has not been finalized yet, but there are a few hints at possible participants.

“We don’t have a concrete set-list at the moment, and even if we did I don’t know if I could reveal it,” said Lawhorn. “You can expect some great acts from some great teachers spanning from the Language Department to Social Studies and English.”

Students interested in attending the event can find a fun, lively demonstration of what the holiday season is truly about in the Si Commons during the last activity period of the semester next Tuesday, Dec. 14. 

“It’s been a really long semester and a lot of us are worn out so it will just be a good time for us to come together and make fun of teachers while supporting an amazing cause,” said Lawhorn.






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