Victory over Edwardsville allows Ultimate to move to 2-3

The St. Louis U. High varsity Ultimate Frisbee team improved to 2-3 this past week with a 15-11 win over Edwardsville JV and a 14-10 loss to Priory. The Jr. Bills have continued to improve and are developing into a force to be reckoned with. 

Priory is possibly the best team in the state. Last Tuesday, the Jr. Bills lost to Priory due to hard cap which means the time limit was reached before either team scored 15 points. The team was able to rise to the occasion and proved themselves. Despite losing, the team was still proud of its play.

“I thought that was the best game of the season, “ said captain Jared Thornberry. “I just saw this boost of confidence, this teamwork, and this urgency to beat this top team and only lost by a few points.” 

“We really turned up the energy and the intensity against Priory,” said head coach Ben Clark. 

Priory outscored SLUH 8-3 in the first half, but SLUH came back and outscored Priory 7-6 in the second half.

This past Tuesday, the team defeated Edwardsville’s JV team. While the team took home a win, they didn’t feel they performed as well as they could have. 

 “The Edwardsville game was choppy. We had some bright spots but weren’t consistent,” said Thornberry. “If we played like we played against Priory, we would have won by a lot more.” 

“We didn’t bring the same intensity and focus that we brought to Priory,” said Clark.

“I know we won but we definitely didn’t bring our A game,” said Tom Nguyen, “We’re going to need to bring that A game for state.”

The team has three more games this weekend before the state tournament. They play De Smet’s Varsity and JV and Edwardsville’s Varsity team.




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