Social Studies Tom Wilson returned to class on Sept. 7 after missing the first three weeks of school due to a major kidney surgery. 

 Wilson discovered in early June he would need surgery to remove a kidney. 

“There was a stretching pain in my left side,” Wilson described. “ I had it checked out and they found something. And it was something that needed to be dealt with rather quickly.”

Wilson ended up waiting an entire month before his surgery date which took place in the middle of July. His nerves overcame him during the long month of June.

“My surgery put things into perspective for me,” said Wilson. “It definitely was something that I did not know what the results were going to be.” 

After a successful surgery, Wilson began the long process of recovery. He was in rehab for approximately a month and a half that prevented him from starting school at the beginning of the year.

Wilson finished teaching his June summer school classes, but was not able to teach any of his July courses due to his surgery. 

Wilson missed the first three weeks of classes this fall. He returned after Labor Day, and is glad to be back. 

 “I have been here for over 30 years,” said Wilson. “And it is always a good time to start the school year and get things going.” 

With such an unusual start to last year he had been looking forward to being back to a regular start of the school year, but his recovery phase limited him from experiencing this normalcy. 

While Wilson was out, psychology teacher Tom Kickham and Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson covered for Wilson’s classes. 

Wilson’s students are excited to have him teaching their classes again. 

“I know that they (his students) were really looking forward to having him back,” said Kickham. “Tom is a master teacher and he has a good feel for making the classroom comfortable.”

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