SLUH fosters the total development of students while engaging their interest. Our co-curricular program, which offers more than 75 clubs and student activities, provides abundant opportunity for social, spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

Click below for a sampling of some of our co-curriculars.


A Cappella Club

A Cappella Club is for any student who loves to sing! The group performs quarterly on the choir concerts. All students who love a cappella music are welcome, whether they are currently enrolled in a choir class or not.

Meets: In the Choir Room once a week during Activity Period. Check with Mrs. Akin for specific information

Moderator: Addie Akin

Chess Club

The Chess Club gives students the opportunity to improve their chess game through formal and informal competition. SLUH also competes in the Gateway Chess League. The top five players in the club play against other schools in matches on Wednesdays. SLUH students also can play chess in Saturday tournaments sponsored by the league. Information about the Gateway Chess League, along with weekly match reports once the season begins, can be found here. Or click on the match results below.

The club meets in Room 215C every day after school from November 11 until the end of February.

Moderator: Rich Esswein,

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club promotes the study of Mandrin Chinese and Chinese culture. Club membership is open to all students. Activities are based on the decision of the elected officers. All activities are free to members. Guests may be invited to share some of the activities for a nominal fee.

Moderator: Yude Huang (

Student Leader: Sirius Song '20


Moderator: Mrs. Addie Akin (




Clavius Project

The Clavius Project began in 2014 as a collaboration among students, faculty and staff to bring education in STEM to city Catholic schools. Named after Christopher Clavius—a German Jesuit mathematician and astronomer responsible for the Gregorian Calendar as well as the first in the Church to confirm his former student Galileo's Heliocentric Theory of the universe—the program has achieved considerable success and momentum in just a short period of time.

SLUH’s Robotics Club has partnered with selected Catholic middle schools in the city and surrounding underserved areas to offer robotics training in the STEM subject areas. In addition to providing Lego® Mindstorm® EV3 robot kits and software, the school’s outreach robotics program incorporates an initial workshop for using the kits and the programming software, followed by four to six sessions to assist staff and students in successfully developing the robotics curriculum and after-school activity at each middle school.

Meets after school at various area middle schools.

Moderators: Jeff Pitts [, (314) 713-5970]


French Club

The French Club is open to students of French and all SLUH Francophiles. Activities throughout the year include the Mass in French for the Feast of St. Louis IX, King of France (Aug. 25); the International Festival in Tower Grove Park; crêpe-making after school; and the Francophone Film Fest in 218C (times and films TBA). We also invite you to visits with French-speaking musicians, cinéastes, cooks, and other practitioners of French culture from some of the 40 nations/regions of the world where French is spoken.

Ignatian Business Leaders

Umbrella organization for all of the activities, competitions, presentations, trips, and experiences centered around entrepreneurship, business, and technology.

Meets during Activity Period in M116, depending on what segment of the club

Moderator: Kevin Foy (

Latin Club

Moderator: Jennifer Ice (

Math Club

The Math Club consists of students interested in improving their problem solving skills and participating in regional and national math competitions. Meetings are held at least twice a month during activity period. Some of the competitions include the American Mathematics Competition, the Missouri Math League, Excellence in Mathematics Competition, the Continental Math League Competitions, and regional qualifying competitions leading to the state competition held yearly in Columbia.

Students interested in being a part of the Math Club should watch the bulletin board outside of the math office for meeting dates and/or see a moderator to receive messages via email. We also sponsor the SLUH Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta. This is a national high school and two-year college mathematics honor society that was formed in 1957. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various mathematical activities that foster the enjoyment of mathematics. It is co-sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Juniors and seniors who have completed at least two years of college preparatory mathematics with a grade of a B or better in those courses and who have actively participated in math club meetings and events (to accumulate required points) may become members.

Meets usually on Tuesdays during activity period or after school.

Moderators: Beth Kissel (, Craig Hannick (


Medical Careers Club

The St. Louis University High School Medical Careers Club (MCC) provides students with guidance, direction, and opportunities to explore various medical fields. Some of the major goals of the club used in accomplishing this mission include:

1. To make students aware of the different medical related fields that are available.
2. To make connections both with medical professionals and with other students who have similar interests and goals.
3. To gain educational opportunities related to medical fields.
4. An additional goal of the club is to help students gain a competitive advantage applying to undergraduate medical and health related programs.

Meets during activity periods in Mr. O'Keefe's Room (s202).

Moderator: Tim O’Keefe (

Mock Trial Club

Students organize and try both the prosecution and defense arguments for cases that are chosen and distributed by the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis each year. Teams compete against other local high schools and may advance to both regional, state, and national competitions. SLUH students get a chance to learn the federal rules of evidence and the art of working as a trial attorney or they get to protect the information for their side of the case and creatively take on the character of a witness. BBQ and great food prevail with all Mock Trial activities!

Meets on Thursday during activity period in M122, and after school/weekends TBD by each team.

Moderator: Anne Marie Lodholz (

Twitter: @SLUHLaw

National Honor Society

NHS serves to recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

NHS members of the Anna F. Backer Chapter serve their community through Service of Presence, Service of Involvement, and Service to SLUH.

NHS hosts an annual teacher karaoke as well as a book drive. Members also give open house tours and meet quarterly in the theatre.

Moderators: Chuck Hussung (, Lynne Casey (


One-World Club

  • A diverse community of students coming from a variety of cities, states, and countries who share an interest and appreciation for other languages and cultures.
  • An organization that promotes, advocates, and advances initiatives in collaboration with the Global Ed program and other clubs.
  • A forum to promote cultural diversity and dialog as well as awareness of international issues.
  • A place for international students to connect with the SLUH community.
  • An environment that allows students to learn something new while exploring diversity at SLUH.

Moderators: Magdalena Alvarado and Maria Paz Campos

Poetry Out Loud

Students memorize and perform a poem from the Poetry Out Loud web site and compete at SLUH in December. The winner represents SLUH in the local competition.

Meetings are held in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Moderator: Chuck Hussung (

Russian Club

Russian club is for all students studying Russian at SLUH. The club sponsors events that highlight aspects of Russian culture and the Russian language.

Meets in M224 after school.

Moderator: Rob Chura (

Student Leaders: Senior Russian Students

Scholar Bowl

Moderator: Don Steingruby (

Shakespeare Contest

Students memorize and perform a Shakespearean monologue and compete at SLUH in December. The winner represents SLUH in the local competition.

Meetings are held in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Moderator: Chuck Hussung (


Sisyphus is SLUH's (twice yearly) Magazine of Literature and Art

Most of our work occurs during two three-week periods, one in January and one in April. During those two periods, editing the magazine (especially the literary submissions) absorbs lots of time.

Moderators: Frank Kovarik and Rich Moran

LITERARY EDITORS: PJ Butler, Peter Michalski, Harrison Beadsley, Jimmy Morefield, Jack DuMont, Cooper Sadlo, 
ART EDITORS:  Nicholas Dalaviras, Jackson DuCharme, Daniel Gatewood, Philip Hiblovic, Brendan McLaughlin
LAYOUT EDITORS:  Carter Fortman and Adam Simokaitis



Spanish Club

Moderator: Magdelena Alvarado

Speech Team

Participates in Christian Interscholastic Speech League Competitions throughout the year. The competition dates for the year are as follows: October 7th, November 18th, January 27th, and February 24th (this finals meet is being hosted by SLUH).

The team meets regularly for individual practice, quarterly as a group, in the theatre quarterly

Moderator: Kathryn Whitaker (


The STEM Club is open to all students who have an interest in STEM activities. Club members compete in Engineering at the Arch, TEAMS engineering competition, Billiken BEAMS bridge building competition, Team America Rocketry Competition, Science Olympiad, and FIRST Robotics. Last year we were invited to participate in the Gateway Robotics Competiton, Missouri State FIRST competition, and Robotics at the Magic House. Aside from competitions, the club hosts a monthly STEM speaker series featuring college students and professionals that discuss everything from biomimicry to the search for dark matter. The whole club meets weekly in the innovation lab with more frequent meetings taking place during the competition season.

Moderators: Mrs. Robyn Wellen (, Mr. Craig Hinders (

Twitter: @robotics1818

Student-Teacher Association for Racial Studies (STARS)

STARS-Student Teacher Association for Racial Studies- is a book reading and discussion club. Members include both faculty and students. Books chosen deal with racial issues.

Meetings: Every Thursday in M204.


Moderator: Rob Garavaglia (



The Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES) promotes awareness and discussion of diversity issues at SLUH, while making all students feel welcome at SLUH.

Through weekly meetings, ACES offers students a chance to come together as a group devoted to understanding and dismantling racism. Through its yearly Philia Retreat, ACES provides a prayerful setting for students to consider their experiences and issues of diversity from a spiritual perspective. Through film screenings, prayer services, and discussion forums, ACES gives students a chance to organize important community events, raise their voices, and have fun.

Meets: Mondays, activity periods, M204

Moderators: Dan Schuler ( and Adam Cruz (

Twitter: @aces_sluh


Admissions Ambassadors

Every year, approximately 50-60 students are selected as Admissions Ambassadors. These young men present to prospective students, give campus tours, and work at various admissions events including the annual Open House and SLUH Night. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can apply for this position, must be recommended by the faculty, and are selected by the Office of Admissions based on their academic achievements, co-curricular involvement, as well as their leadership and communication skills.

Moderator: Adam Cruz (

Boy Scout Religious Awards

These are awards received through the local Catholic Committee for Scouting and are the Ad Altare Dei and the Pope Pius XII awards. Depending upon how often the boys are able to meet, they can take from 6 -- 9 months each to earn. They help the Scouts to fulfill the 12th point of the Scout Law which is Reverence. The awards are normally presented by the local bishop or his representative at the annual Scout Sunday service at the New Cathedral on the first Sunday in February.

Mondays after school from 3:15--4:15

Moderator: Allen Boedeker

Cannonball Club

The cannonball club serves those students who are interested in discerning a vocation to priesthood and religious life. The club offers spiritual formation based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with particular attention to the methods of personal prayer and the rules for discernment. Meetings consist of prayer, personal reflection, talks on the different aspects of priestly and religious life, and social interaction.

The club is referred to as the "Cannonball" Club in honor of St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus. In 1521, Ignatius of Loyola was badly injured by a cannonball as a young knight in battle in Pamplona while defending the honor of the Spanish king. During his convalescence he read about Jesus Christ and some Legends of the Saints. He became enlightened, realizing that he was looking for something more in his life, beyond the riches, honors and fame he was pursuing in the king's service. He was being called to a life in the service of God and others. Thus, he left his family's castle after his recovery to study, teach and minister to those in need. Ignatius eventually established an order of like-minded men, which he called the Society of Jesus.

Meets: twice a month on Friday's during Activity Period in J110.

Moderators: Fr. Ralph Houlihan, S.J. '52 (, Fr. Joseph Hill, SJ (

Community Service Program

The Community Service Program is a voluntary program offering students in all four grade levels an opportunity to place themselves at the service of others. Students volunteer at selected sites throughout the school year as their schedules allow. Many programs offer a faculty chaperone for those students who are unable to drive. The programs are organized by populations served and type of service. Categories include: pre-school programs, tutor/mentor programs (elementary/middle school-aged populations), feeding/sheltering programs, senior programs, and sports programs for those with special needs. Throughout the school year some programs are added and some end, most often by program design.

Community Service Program Moderator: Mrs. Simonie Anzalone (


Kino Teens

SLUH's Kino Teens is one of a network of clubs at high schools that provide students across the country the opportunity to accompany deported migrants, participate in educational activities with an emphasis on understanding the stories of migrants and the complex issue of migration, and to defend migrant rights through advocacy. Kino Teens seek to embody the heritage of Padre Kino who was a defender of native peoples and a protector of their rights. Kino Teens plan activities in three dimensions: Share, Accompany & Defend. They help humanize the reality of migration listening to and sharing the stories of migrants wherever they live. When Kino Teens accompany they come alongside migrants in their journeys by being present with them in conversation, community, and prayer. Kino Teens also defend the rights of migrants by advocating for more humane, just, and workable migration policies locally and nationally.
Meet: biweekly in 216C
Moderator: Mrs. Kate Toussaint

Liturgical Choir

Liturgical Choir is a club open to students of all four years. You may elect to be a singer or instrumentalist for your particular class Masses, all-school Masses, special weekend Masses, or all of the above! There are also other opportunities for liturgical music that spring up on occasion. If you want to play, we'll try to find you a spot where you can participate. Rehearsals generally happen at Activity Periods in the two weeks leading up to the liturgies.

Here are the dates for our All-School Masses for the 2019-20 school year:
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit - Tuesday, August 27
  • All Saints' Day - Friday, November 1
  • Ash Wednesday - Wednesday, February 26
  • Mass of Praise and Gratitude - Friday, April 24
Now, here are the dates for the Class Masses.
  • Freshmen: October 4, November 15, January 24, May 8
  • Sophomores: September 6, November 22, January 17, April 1 (during Sophomore Retreat)
  • Juniors: September 13, December 6, January 10, May 1 (Junior Ring Day)
  • Seniors: August 30, November 8, February 7, April 17, May 23 (Baccalaureate Mass)
In addition, the liturgical choir takes an active role in the following two Sunday liturgies at SLUH:
  • Mother-Son Mass: Sunday, October 27 (Si Commons)
  • Grandparents' Mass: Sunday, April 26 (Si Commons)

Liturgical Choir Moderator: Mr. Brian Gilmore (

Men for Life

SLUH Men for Life welcomes students to toward toward building and strengthening a Culture of Life in our school, in our community, and in our world. As Men for Others, we are committed to taking a stand for the dignity and the sanctity of all human life - born and unborn, strong and vulnerable - in a materialistic culture that too often encourages us to view each other as objects and commodities, useful for what we do and not for who we are as vibrant Children of God.

Meets: Every Wednesday, at Activity Period, in the Campus Ministry office
Moderator: Dr. David Callon (

Twitter: @SLUHforLife

Men for StL

The goal of Men for StL is for students to learn about issues facing our local community, participate in service projects to serve the St. Louis community, and to educate the wider SLUH student body about pressing local issues.

Meetings: Every other Tuesday during Activity Period in M112. 
Moderator: Mrs. Sarah Becvar (

Pastoral Teams

Pastoral Teams are student clubs run out of Campus Ministry. Pastoral Teams are divided by grade level and meet once a week to build community, plan upcoming liturgies and outreach drives, learn about upcoming opportunities that relate to faith and justice, and engage in basic faith sharing. Each Pastoral Team is moderated by a Campus Minister, and they meet during lunch periods in the Campus Ministry office.

Freshman Pastoral Team
Moderator: Mr. Stephen Deves (

Sophomore Pastoral Team
Moderator: Mrs. Simonie Anzalone (

Junior Pastoral Team
Moderator: Fr. Joseph Hill, S.J. (

Senior Pastoral Team
Moderator: Ms. Julie Anderson (

President's Ambassadors

Presidential Ambassadors serve SLUH in various capacities as representatives of the President and the school. Activities include hosting special events for the school, participating in tutoring and other service projects, speaking to alumni at reunions and speaking at large all-school masses. Further detailed information about President's Ambassadors may be obtained from Kim Walsh in the President's Office.

Meets: in September and then at various times throughout the year.

Moderators: Kim Walsh (, Alan Carruthers

SLUH Students for Gender Equality (SLUH4GE)

SLUH Students for Gender Equality (SLUH4GE; pronounced “SLUH Forge”), is a club formed by SLUH students seeking to acknowledge, educate ourselves, and spread awareness of issues regarding gender equality here at SLUH and in our world. Specially, we frequently discuss the way in which women are treated and talked about within our community, especially female faculty members, as well as discussing societal views of masculinity. We do not have all the answers but our hope is that the club becomes a gathering of experiences. We believe that raising awareness and educating ourselves is the first step for making change.

Meet: Biweekly meetings in 216C.

Moderator: Mrs. Kate Toussaint (

Sustainability Committee

Students help to recognize how SLUH is sustainable and seek to further these efforts by working on a variety of projects such as the MO Supermileage Challenge, Project Going Green, the Ignatian Carbon Challenge, the USGBC Green School's Quest, and a Marketing initiative.

Moderator: Anne Marie Lodholz (

Energy Team
Co-Coaches: John Hohenberger (, Ross Watson (
Food Team
Coach: Magdalena Alvarado (
Garden Team
Co-Coaches: Rachel Donahue (, Teresa Corley (
Waste Team
Coach: Joan Bugnitz (


Anime Club

A club dedicated to animated television series, movies, and video games from Japan. If you have a small interest in anime and want to delve more into it, or just want a place to relax and game, this is your kind of club.

Meets Fridays from 3:10pm to 5:00pm; J124

Moderator: Kent Kershenski (

Blues Club

The Blues Club brings together SLUH students who enjoy watching St. Louis Blues hockey. We have rather laid-back meetings where members watch highlights, discuss recent play/players, and defend their opinions. We'll be making shirts and sweatshirts this year so students can rep the club in and out of SLUH. LGB.

Bocce Ball Club

Moderator: Megan Menne (

Bowling Club

The SLUH bowling club is a club for amateur and professional bowlers alike. We will start off bowling at least once a month on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday which will be determined at a meeting held before each time bowl. We hope to begin tournament or league play further on in the year. We also have a sweet design for a t-shirt or sweatshirt which may be coming further on in the year.

Meets weekly during activity period.

Circus Club

The Circus Club meets in the Theater Loge, Thursdays during activity period.

Moderator: Mr. Kevin Foy

Climbing Club

The climbing club climbs at a local climbing gym after school most Fridays during the school year. The organization has a horizontal leadership structure and meets on Friday at 3:10pm in M207.

Moderator: Dan See

Coffee Club

A group of students who enjoy the beauty that is found in a good cup of coffee.

We meet every Friday during Activity Period in J124.

Moderator: Mr. Stephen E. Deves

Cricket Club

We play cricket.

When: Upper Field during Activity Period and after school.

Moderator: Julie Moeser (


Fishing Club

FishingClub DominicLoftis

The SLUH Fishing Club has active members from all classes freshmen–senior with a wide variety of skills and interests. The club meets at SLUH and has outings for the members to enjoy the fishing experience. The outings are an opportunity for club members to fish together, share knowledge, and enjoy the friendship of their classmates.

Moderator: Joe Komos (

Lion Dance Club

The Lion Dance club is dedicated to the learning and study of the Chinese Lion Dance. Students dress in traditional Lion Dance apparel and often compete at Lion Dance competitions in the St. Louis area.

Moderator: Yude Huang (

Photography Club

SLUH Photographers document, and celebrate, life at St. Louis University High School.

Our photos are used in the yearbook "The Dauphin", the student newspaper "Prep News", this web site, and in the publications of Admissions, the President's Office, and the Alumni Office. They are used for publicity and celebrations of school clubs and organizations, for slide shows of major school events, for the Cashbah catalogue, and other SLUH events. All students and faculty have access to, and can download, the photos that we file on the student server.

The photography club owns several Canon digital cameras and lenses, and other photographic equipment. We have the ability to take quality photos of theatrical productions, as well as sporting and other events. All students are welcome to join the Photography Club, regardless of photography experience. Training is provided.

Meets: Mondays at 3:15 pm, in the Yearbook/Photography Office

Moderator: Kathy Chott (

>>> For Beginner Photographers

Ping Pong Club

The Ping Pong club allows students to play ping pong in a more competitive setting against fellow SLUH students who share an interest in the sport.

Moderator: Yude Huang (

Outdoor Adventure Club

The Outdoor Adventure Club, formed in 1995, is a student driven club whose goal is to provide challenging outdoor adventure opportunities while immersed in some of the most scenic areas of our continent and beyond. One of the largest clubs on campus, it serves anyone who wants to participate. All levels and ages of SLUH students are welcome. Students can pick and choose to participate various activities based on their interests. Activities are held year round, with trips generally offered during all four seasons of the year. The Club combines local outings with more ambitious out of state and sometimes out of country excursions. Periodically club fundraisers are held to raise money to defer trip costs. The Club has assisted in several community service activities, both locally and abroad. Clubs activities include but are not limited to: mountain biking (cross country, downhill and touring), hiking, canoeing, backpacking, mountaineering, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving and skiing. Local outings often take place in some of Missouri’s finest State & County Parks. Numerous out of state excursions have taken club members: Mountain Biking in Colorado & Utah Backpacking in Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies Whitewater Rafting in Colorado, Utah, West Virginia, Georgia & Tennessee Downhill Skiing in Colorado Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Mexico and Belize Hiking, Biking and Paragliding in Central Europe.

Meets during activity period when appropriate and on the weekends for outings.

Moderator: Patrick Zarrick (

Ski Club

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts meet at Hidden Valley ski resort and receive heavily discounted season passes.

Moderator: Dan See (

Smash Club

The Smash Club is for anyone who enjoys gaming and playing Smash Brothers video games. One of the largest clubs on campus, the club is represented in all four classes and averages around 30-40 members per year. The club meets weekly on Fridays after school from 3pm - 5:30pm, with multiple games running concurrently. In addition to their regular meetings, the club hosts several competitions against Smash Clubs and other schools, and members regularly compete in local tournaments throughout the year. The club is diverse and features players of all experience levels. Enthusiasm and high energy are the hallmarks of every meeting.

Sno Cone Club

Snow Cone MembersThe SLUH Snow Cone Club is a student driven initiative to provide joy to the SLUH community by selling snow cones at events throughout the year. All proceeds of the SLUH Snow Cone Club will be donated to Fe y Alegria, an international organization aimed at providing education to the impoverished and excluded populations of the world. Specifically, our donations will benefit the education in Haiti.

Snow Cone Members

Meetings and Events will happen sporadically throughout the year

Moderator: Stephen Deves (

Instagram: @sluh_snowconeclub

Snow Cone Members


"EXPLORE NEW PLACES~EAT GOOD FOOD." The Staycation Club visits the diverse, fascinating neighborhoods of our Metro area—often well off the beaten path—and explores in-depth, always discovering wonders in the architecture, natural features, history, demographics, and people who live there. Wherever we go, we put away our devices and enjoy a meal together in a one-of-a-kind eatery for which the area is known. Check our bulletin board in the 2nd floor center hallway for news of upcoming trips. Whether you can make the meetings or not, you are welcome to join the excursions. This club runs year-round and is open to everyone at SLUH, including students, staff and teachers.

We meet each week in 218C during Activity Period to plan our frequent urban adventures (with something to munch on.)

Strategy Board Game Club

Strategy Board Game Club is perfect for anyone interested in playing board games of merit or designing their own board games. SBGC meets on Fridays and has a semester-long Tournament to determine who the board game master is.

Meets: Friday, after school, Currigan Room

Moderator: Jennifer Ice (

Tailgate Club

The tailgate club sponsors many athletic events and holds tailgates before big games. It often partners with STUCO to give students an awesome gameday experience. Some of the highlights of the year include a Tailgate at Fall Fest, at the SLUH Varsity Soccer Tournament, at Affton Ice Rink before a De Smet hockey game, and much more!!

Club President: Jimmy Stanley, '20

Club Vice-President: Tony Lindwedel, '20

Club Secretary: Alex Van Ness, '21

Club Moderator: Fr. Hill, SJ


Tea Club

We meet to share conversation and tea during activity period on Fridays in J124.

Moderator: Rob Garavaglia (

Weightlifting Club

This is a club for all students, regardless of knowledge and ability in weightlifting. Students can learn proper weightlifting routines, techniques, and diet to hopefully develop life-long habits of regular exercise and staying healthy.

Meets: every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from end of last period to about 4:30 pm.

Moderator: Nhan Pham (

Diverse Interests

Dauphin Players

All students who participate in any theatre production are considered Dauphin Players.

Moderator: Kathryn Whitaker (


Never to fear--Gadfly the magazine remains the bedfrock of the Gadfly Collective. We aim for a monthly production, but three times a semester ain't so bad now is it? Gadfly TV, sparked by its beloved founder, Mr. Michael Koenigs, ASC, has brought the Gadutopian vision to the masses.

Moderator: Dr. David Callon (


Game Design Club

Moderator: Dan See (

Hack Club

The Hack Club is an organization that is affiliated with the international Hack Club organization. The goal of the club is to help students learn computer programming, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and collaborative teamwork through projects, tinkering, and participation in community hackathons where they apply their knowledge and skills to do good for the community. The club meets every two weeks and participates in hackathons.

Moderator: Dan See

>>>Hack Club forms to teach programming (Prep News)

Model U.N.

The Model U.N. program sponsored locally by Civitas is dedicated to experiential education through debate, diplomacy, and compromise. Through preparation for and participation simulations, students develop expertise in research, writing, public speaking, and the art of negotiation as they fight for the interests of countries they represent on their international interests on every conceivable topic relevant in today’s global community.

Meets: Bi-monthly

Piano Club

A club open to piano-lovers of all ability levels.

Moderator: Mrs. Addie Akin (

Prep News

The Prep News is the weekly student-run newspaper of St. Louis University High School. Our motto is "If nothing else, value the truth." Every Friday, we print eight pages (or more) of news, sports, features, and opinion about the SLUH community. The Prep News also strives to serve as a public forum for discussion of any topic relating to St. Louis U. High. The Prep News is a dedicated staff of writers, editors, and designers (who started out as underclassman seeking an article on a Friday afternoon) organize the paper's content and stay up late on Thursday nights to put the paper together.

Moderator: Steve Missey (



SLUH Crew works on the technical aspects of the productions here, as well as helps to further develop technical theater skills.

Meets in the Theater Scene Shop. Visit Mr. Moore for more information.

Moderator: Mr. Tim Moore (

SLUH Sports Network

The SLUH Sports Network provides the live streaming of SLUH sports games. Follow the link below to see games in the digital library.


SLUHTube is a video production club that looks to highlight all things SLUH in short videos.

view sLUHTUbe channel

Yearbook (The Dauphin)

Moderator: John Kavanaugh ( and Lissie Tippett (

Young Conservatives

The Mission of The Young Conservatives is to teach and promote constitutional conservative values at SLUH, which include: free market capitalism, small government, individual liberty, freedom, Judo-Christian values, personal responsibility, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

  • Meetings every Monday in room J123.
  • Moderator: Chris Keeven,
  • Contact:
  • Twitter: SLUHyoungcons
  • Instagram: the_stl_conservative
  • The Young Conservatives’ Constitution:
Carter Fortman (pictured right) was interning for the Republican Party for this election cycle and Ann Wagner (U.S. Representative, MO 2nd District) thanked SLUH's Young Conservatives for their hard work.

Youth and Government

Youth and Government is a student-driven simulation of state government which involves 1000 Missouri students. Every fall, SLUH students gather to prepare for their roles in the legislative, executive, or judicial branches or the print or video media. Each November, YAG students spend 3 days in Jefferson City carrying out the functions and responsibilities of our state government. They present and debate bills, try civil cases as attorneys, and run for elected office. The entire process is documented through a student press. YAG focuses on leadership skills and works to ensure that democracy is learned by each generation.

Meets: 7:15 a.m. Wednesday Mornings in Room 215C

Moderators: Craig Hannick (, Sarah Becvar (, and John Kavanaugh (

Youth Leadership in St. Louis

Founded in 1989, Youth Leadership St. Louis (YLSL) is an internationally recognized program that informs, connects, prepares and empowers St. Louis area youth to become civic and community leaders.

Each year, YLSL brings together high school juniors from approximately 30 public, private and parochial schools from across the region, as well as Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. No other program in St. Louis draws such a large and diverse group of students – 150 students representing 55 ZIP codes. Each program day immerses the students into a different issue in the region, giving them the opportunity to connect and learn from community leaders, collaborate with their peers and put their leadership skills into action.

Moderator: Tracy Lyons (

Student leaders (all from the class of 2021): Noah Apprill-Sokol, Carter Fortman, Casimir Magruder, Ocean Okohson-Reb, Sam Ruyle, Daniell Salcedo, Alex Tarlas, and Sam Tarter.

"St. Louis U High is unique in that it offers each student an opportunity to grow in leadership and community through its many clubs, whether it be an interest in theater, robotics, literature, social justice, politics, or any other interest, SLUH offers a place for that student."

- Paul Gillam '19

Editor in Chief of Prep News, the student newspaper of SLUH (pictured in middle with editorial team)