The Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES) is a student group committed to encouraging awareness and discussion of diversity issues and making SLUH a place where all students feel welcome.

ACES meets regularly. All are welcome. Please contact Mr. Cruz at if you have questions or would like to be added to the ACES e-mail list.


Mr. Adam Cruz

Assistant Moderator

Mr. Dan Shields

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Mr. Frank Kovarik

Under the umbrella of ACES is a series of affinity groups that are open to all students and seek to create spaces for shared conversation, fellowship, and initiatives. 

Anti-Racist coalition

Moderator: Ms. Kate Toussaint

The Anti-Racist Coalition is a group of students and adults committed to exploring our own implicit biases and breaking down systemic racism. We realize that to effectively eliminate these evils, we have to continually work towards equality for all races, striving to undo racism in our minds, our personal environments and the wider world. Contact Ms. Kate Toussaint for more information. 

Asian Student Alliance

Moderator: Mr. Nhan Pham

Asian Student Alliance (ASA) offers students of Asian Pacific heritage opportunities to celebrate together our diverse Asian heritages and seek ways to both educate and enrich our school community with that diversity. We share our unique cultural heritages, experiences at SLUH, and accompany each other in our SLUH journey. ASA, open to all students who are interested, is also a place for us to generate and carry out ideas to educate and give back to the SLUH and larger local communities.

Black student union

Moderator: Mr. Erwin Claggett

The Black Student Union at SLUH offers a safe space for African American students to discuss relevant issues that impact their emotional well being. Open to all, BSU is designed to offer an intimate setting especially for our African American students while challenging traditional dogmas of society and our school community that have had a lasting stigma of exclusivity. For more information about the BSU, please contact Mr. Erwin Claggett. 

hispanos y latinos unidos

Moderator: Mr. Javier Moreno

Hispanos y Latinos Unidos is not only for Hispanic and Latinos! But they are especially welcomed in this club.  Sr. Moreno and the student leadership are Latinos and intend this space to be a community where we can spend some time together, speak our minds and share experiences without the stresses and pressures of the day. We will engage in all sorts of group activities (like play games or watch a movie and talk about it) to strengthen the brotherhood or "la hermandad" among Latino students and the overall school community.

ongoing conversations

Moderators: Ms. Simonie Anzalone ( and Mrs. Mary Michalski (

Ongoing Conversations offers space for students to have open, honest discussions about sexuality, gender identity, and Catholic social teaching. We welcome all students and faculty and provide community and pastoral care. Respect, compassion, and sensitivity are our priority as we deal with complex topics and help individuals, regardless of circumstance, to know and fulfill God’s will in their lives. Contact Ms. Simonie Anzalone or Ms. Mary Michalski for more information.

sluh students for gender equality

Moderator: Ms. Madeline Powers & Ms. Annie Hilmes &

SLUH Students for Gender Equality (SLUH4GE; pronounced “SLUH Forge”), is a club formed by SLUH students seeking to acknowledge, educate ourselves, and spread awareness of issues regarding gender equality here at SLUH and in our world. Specially, we frequently discuss the way in which women are treated and talked about within our community, especially female faculty members, as well as discussing societal views of masculinity. We do not have all the answers but our hope is that the club becomes a gathering of experiences. We believe that raising awareness and educating ourselves is the first step for making change.