Introducing our latest episode

Never to fear – Gadfly the magazine remains the bedfrock of the Gadfly Collective. We aim for a monthly production, but three times a semester ain't so bad now is it? Gadfly TV, sparked by its beloved founder, Mr. Michael Koenigs, ASC, has brought the Gadutopian vision to the masses.

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Want to get involved? We're always looking foremost for writers passionate about the glorious things that just never seem to get their proper due: Charlie Parker, the history of the tator tot, backyard urban farming, the rise of the urban bicycle hipster, the best Dylan album, your best gnochi recipe, the Tea Party in 2020. We need graphic designers, layout specialists, film crew, actors, skit writers, directors, animation freaks – you name it. E-mail us at

Moderator: Dr. David Callon

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