Current Member Information

2020-2021 NHS Service Information:

Current members of NHS are required to do 36 hours of service each year to maintain their good standing in the organization. The required hours are comprised of at least 18 hours Service of Presence  (Currently known as Service of Good Deeds), 9 hours Service to SLUH, and 9 hours Service of Involvement.

A brief description each type of service is given below along with an outline of how service hours can be properly completed. Service for Current Members is due on Friday April 30, 2021.

Service of Presence:  Service of Presence means that the service involves directly spending time with and getting to know people who, for one reason or another, have been marginalized. Due to the current pandemic and the precautions we must all take, our Service of Presence requirement has changed. We no longer require students to directly serve in situations that may prove harmful to their health, however, we want them to find ways to still be of service to the greater community.  Therefore we've created a list of service opportunities and campaigns that students may choose to participate in that will fulfill the NHS service requirement. This list and additional information may be accessed by members on the NHS Canvas page

Service of Involvement: This type of service recognizes that NHS members are involved in their respective communities in multiple ways, all of which are essential. Involvement can be SLUH related, but other organizations, such as Boy Scouts or youth groups that meet regularly, are valid groups for this type of service. All sports teams are considered pre­-approved. NHS members may complete a maximum of ­9 hours of service in this category. See Mrs. Casey or Mr. Hussung if you have any questions.

Service to SLUH: This type of service recognizes that NHS members serve the SLUH community in ways that would traditionally be considered service, but do not fulfill the requirements of service of presence or service to our wider community. Each National Honor Society Member must be a tour guide for SLUH’s Open House and must volunteer at other SLUH events, such as Cashbah, SLUHtique, or the food drives. NHS members may complete a maximum of ­9 hours of service in this category. 

Recording Hours: All service hours must be recorded in x2Vol within one week of completing the service. Hours must be submitted to Mrs. Casey by Friday April 30, 2021.