Photography Club

Interested in SLUH Photography? Contact Moderator Mrs. Kathy Chott at

SLUH Photographers want to document, and celebrate, all that is St. Louis U. High.

Our photos are used in the Yearbook, Prep News, the school web site, and in the publications of Admissions, the President's Office and the Alumni Office. They are also used for publicity and celebrations of school clubs and organizations, for slide shows of major school events, for the Cashbah catalogue and other SLUH events. All students have access to our photos that we file on the student server. They are welcome to take any photos that they would like. Our photographs have been published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,America Magazine, the St. Louis Review, and on the Jesuit Schools Network web site.

Moderator: Mrs. Kathy Chott

Moderator-Emeritus: Mr. Matt Sciuto