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This beautiful masthead was a print done by Hap Burke, '15, for Prep News volume 79, issue 30.

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What's the Prep News?

The Prep News is the weekly student newspaper of St. Louis University High School. Every Friday, we print eight pages (or more) of news, sports, features, and opinion about the SLUH community.

The paper is delivered in print to students and staff during homeroom, and copies can be obtained at the switchboard or in the Prep News office in J220. The paper is also available online. Sign up on our web site to receive an electronic subscription via e-mail. We're also on Twitter and Facebook.

Getting involved

Any student is welcome to write for the Prep News. We encourage underclassman involvement. Simply visit the Prep News office in J220 on Fridays after school for an assignment.

Besides the chance to see your journalism in print, the Prep News offers the chance to meet and interview people from all parts of the school. There is no long-term commitment necessary for first-time writers.

The Prep News also strives to serve as a public forum for discussion of any topic relating to St. Louis U. High. Any member of the community may submit a Letter to the Editors. For more information, see the Prep News Volume 83 Editorial Policy and the Prep News Volume 83 Platform.

Who is the Prep News?

A dedicated staff of writers, editors, and designers (who started out as underclassman seeking an article on a Friday afternoon) organize the paper's content and stay up late on Thursday nights to put the paper together.

More about us...

Our motto: "If nothing else, value the truth"

To contact anyone on the Prep News staff, for questions relating to our publication, or to submit news, stories and information, email us at:

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The Prep News is a publication of St. Louis University High School. ©2019 St. Louis University High School Prep News. No material may be reprinted without the permission of the moderator and editors.

the prep news volume 86 staff

​​Editor in Chief
Jack Figge

Nathan Rich

News Editor
Roarke Unrau

Visual Editor
Charlie Bieg

Web Editor
Luke Duffy

Core Staff
Jackson Cooper
Louis Cornett
Jack Rybak
Alex Preusser 
Coby Spratte 
George Henken

Michael Baudendistel 
Mark Wappler

Steve Missey