Field Immersion

SLUH's Business & Entrepreneurship Program provides students a combination of an authentic classroom experience and a firsthand experience with top experts—many graduates—in a field they are interested in potentially pursuing.

Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley trip, which debuted in 2016, featured three days of meeting with alumni and others who work for tech companies, from small start-ups to behemoths like Apple, Google and Facebook. The Jr. Bills toured their companies and were able to see firsthand what it means to work in the high-tech industry within many different contexts.

Washington, D.C.

Each year Jr. Bills have the opportunity to learn about the world of politics from alumni, who share their professional insights and perspectives in related fields such as government, journalism and government contract work. They also meet with younger alumni in the area to get a glimpse of the transition to college.

Jr. Bills on Wall Street

Since 2014, Jr. Bills interested in exploring careers in business and finance have visited Wall Street to learn firsthand about financial markets from alumni and others excelling in this field. They also meet with younger alumni on their annual trip to discuss transitioning from college to the workplace.

"You can understand how finance in Manhattan works by reading and taking classes, which we did. But actually making the connection with the people who are doing those things, and the fact that they were SLUH alumni, was really cool."

- JAmes Reddy '16