Cultural Trips

Each year SLUH offers students the opportunity to learn more firsthand about other cultures with trips to several different countries, including Costa Rica, Ireland, Italy, Russia and Taiwan.



June 9 (Jack Billeaud '20)

Sunday I went with my family to a family-friend gathering in Champagne. It was really interesting to see what it's like for their family to get together with friends. They sat at the table eating for about four hours somehow. They kept bringing me these fancy food and drinks. I was living. All the people there were really nice to me and it was a really fun time. We played rugby in their yard and this french game called Pétanque with all the men. They were curious to learn about the states and talk to me and were really inviting. I think generally in France people put much more emphasis on getting together. My french family is always with their friends. In the states I feel like this is more rare. Weekends for me and many families are filled more with sports games, homework, and work rather than spending the whole day with family and friends. That could be because here, since France is smaller, family and friends stay closer together. In America all my family lives so far away we can't see them too often like many people can here in France. also, my host brother and his brother don't have weekend homework like I do so they can actually enjoy their time off. Overall, it was really interesting to see how a family spends a weekend here.

June 5 (Thomas Reilly '20)

After we arrived on Wednesday and met our host families, I went with Manu and his mother to have lunch at his mother’s apartment in Chartres. Wednesday night we stayed in and I got to know Manu’s younger brother, Marvin. On Thursday I went to school with Manu and sat in on some of his classes. It was difficult to follow along but very interesting! On Friday we visited Le Château Chambord, and that night Manu and I went to a music festival in Chartres. On Saturday Manu took me to Paris with his cousin, and on Sunday we celebrated Marvin’s First Communion with Manu’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. I had a great first week!



June 21 (Charlie Kwentus '19)

Today we landed in Russia and we went to the currency exchange and learned how to exchange dollars for rubles. Experiencing the difference between Russian culture and American culture has been an eye opening experience. The morning after we arrived we had our first Russian lesson in Russia. It was very exciting. After the first day of class we went as a group and walked around the city and hit all of the important sites: The house of books (Дома Книги), St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Исаакиевский собор), and much more. It has been such a rewarding experience to become immersed in a culture where you are able to speak the language. Once we had walked all the way to the end of Nevski Prospect, the Main Street of St. Petersburg, we had our first experience on the metro headed back to school. It was so exciting to experience life in a city on the other end of the earth.


Pictured: Jr. Bills were keen to promote the U. High on Silver Strand Beach, one of the northwestern-most points in Ireland in a part of Donegal called Glencolumbkille, during their trip to Ireland in the summer of 2016.

The SLUH Ireland trip, led by Mr. Bill George, who started it in 1994, and Mr. John Kavanaugh '91, is an annual event offered to students who take Irish Literature as an elective in the SLUH English senior curriculum.

For the 2016 SLUH Ireland trip, eight students with Mr. George and Kavanaugh walked, hiked, and climbed the gorgeous Irish landscape; explored ruins, castles and sacred sites; and experienced music, drama, and art first hand in Dublin, Donegal and Derry. This year featured an especially memorable visit to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin O'Malley, his wife Dena, their son Brendan '94 and family friend Patrick Huber '92 in the Ambassador's residence in Phoenix Park.

2016 Trip


Twelve Jr. Bills traveled to Taipei this summer to learn more about and experience Taiwanese culture firsthand. Led by Chinese teacher Yude Huang, along with Dr. Chingling Tai and Neal Perryman, the group visited St. Ignatius School in Taipei as part of their trip from June 6-16.

"Five of our students did card exchange projects with the students at St. Ignatius School last school year, so it was great for them to see each other face to face," says Huang. "They enjoyed seeing each other and sharing their thoughts of culture differences between both of our countries."

Huang adds they discussed strengthening the relationship between St. Ignatius and SLUH "because we are all brothers in Jesuit education."