Student Council

STUCO (Student Council) is composed of students across all four grade levels who serve as a unifying force to enhance the student experience at SLUH. STUCO's mission is to:

  • Motivate the student body towards faith, spirit, and brotherhood to fulfill the ideals of the grad at grad through community-inspired initiatives and opportunities; and
  • Mediate the desires of the student body to the administration, faculty, and staff at SLUH.


Student Body President: John Browdy '21
Student Body Vice President: James Brunts '21
Senior Class President: Grant Sussman '21
Senior Class Vice President: Jonny Grimes '21
Junior Class President: AJ Thompson '22 
Junior Class Vice President: Jared Thornberry '22
Sophomore Class President: Pat Mehan '23
Sophomore Class Vice President: Kam Bailey '23

Secretaries: Adam Wolfe '21 and Ismael Karim '22
Spirit Leaders: Adam Garton '21, Tilahun Murphy '21 and Jack Rudder '21
PR/Communications: Jack Rosenstengel '21
Technology: Anthony Adem '21
Intramurals: Gus Tettamble '22
Pastoral: Maurice Safar '21

our Mission

As leaders committed to serving the SLUH community, this Student Council seeks to unify the student body through the embodiment of the principles of religiosity, love, intellectual competence, openness to growth, and, especially, a commitment to doing justice.

Through a spirit of listening and collaboration, our leadership honors the highest aspirations of the community, and, using solidarity, compassion, and the grace of lightheartedness, accomplishes our goals with diligence and responsibility.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please email us at