Student Council


Student Council (StuCO) is a leadership group composed of students across all four grade levels who serve as a unifying force to enhance the student experience at SLUH.


our Mission:

As leaders committed to serving the SLUH community, this Student Council seeks to unify and motivate the student body towards faith, spirit, and brotherhood, and to fulfill the ideals of the Graduate at Graduation through community-inspired initiatives and opportunities. 

Through a spirit of listening and collaboration, our leadership honors the highest aspirations of the community and mediates the desires of the student body to the administration, faculty, and staff at SLUH.


2022-2023 Student Council:


Student Body President: Patrick Mehan '23
Student Body Vice President: Chandler Flowers '23

Senior Class President: Jack SanFilippo '23
Senior Class Vice President: Alberto Vushaj '23

Junior Class President: Andrew Moffett '24
Junior Class Vice President: Tommy O'Keeffe '24

Sophomore Class President: Noah Butler '25
Sophomore Class Vice President: Ronan Smith '25

Secretary: Grant McCormick '23
Manager: Madhavan Anbukumar '25
Spirit Leaders: Adrian Zepeda '23, Matthew Sommers '23, and Tim Browdy '24Media/Communications: Michael Robinson '23, Archie Carruthers '24, and Nick Sewell '24Intramural Leaders: Kam Bailey '23 and Keegan Kesterson '24
International Student Representative: Chandler Brozovich '23
Pastoral Leader: Anthony Fahim '23


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please email us at

You may also contact our moderators - Mrs. Megan Menne ( and Mr. Stephen Deves (