Student Council

STUCO (Student Council) is composed of students across all four grade levels who serve as a unifying force to enhance the student experience at SLUH. STUCO's mission is to:

  • Motivate the student body towards faith, spirit, and brotherhood to fulfill the ideals of the grad at grad through community-inspired initiatives and opportunities; and
  • Mediate the desires of the student body to the administration, faculty, and staff at SLUH.



  • President: Thomas Molen
  • Vice President: Sam Guillemette
  • Secretary: Jimmy Wolfe & Kyle Zoellner
  • Spirit: Jack Perry, Pat Finlay, & Victor Stefanescu
  • Publicity: Jon Ferrari
  • Technology: Ben Blittschau
  • Pastoral: Reed Milnor


  • President: Alfrick Arun
  • Vice President: Joe Gilmore


  • President: Sean Kelly & Kameron Moses
  • Vice President: Peter Herrmann


  • President: Charles Janson
  • Vice President: James Brunt

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 16th - First Day of School
  • August 17th - BTSM
  • August 24th - Freshman Fun Day / Running of the Bills
  • August 29th - Activities Fair