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When you give to SLUH, you give to the world.

A SLUH education is a transformative gift, made possible by the generosity of our alumni and benefactors. 

Our vision of affordable education in the Jesuit tradition shines today, with students coming from 92 zip codes and 180 middle schools on both sides of the river. Financial support is needed to maintain our excellence and provide accessibility to all qualified students. Ultimately, it is a gift that keeps giving.

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Sustain Future Generations

What do you love about St. Louis U. High?

Establish an endowed fund to ensure your favorite aspects of SLUH continue to thrive well into the future. Or endow a scholarship to recognize an impactful teacher, Jesuit or loved one. Your generosity will benefit Jr. Bills today and tomorrow.

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“SLUH always found a way to inspire me to take on the opportunity and challenge to lead others...

"The emphasis SLUH places on being a Man for Others is not just a message they say to parents. Through activities such as Kairos retreats, Senior Advisor roles, captaincy of the hockey and tennis teams, or simply looking out for my friends, it was a constant voice telling me to better myself and aim to be the inspiration that challenges my own peers to better themselves. The SLUH faculty understand the potential of their students and they work each day to ensure that potential is realized.”

- Luke Gund ‘23

Attending Boston College

You can donate to SLUH with a marketable security, a matching gift, an IRA or another giving option.

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"At SLUH I learned to appreciate everyone for who they are and seeing what each contributes to the whole in his own way. It opened my eyes to a world of opportunities I had never before seen...

"SLUH needs to endure so that it can continue to provide education during the formative years of young men for generations to come. When I am gone, I would like to see the fruits of my labor continue to provide opportunities for young men of diverse backgrounds and means."

- Dr. Michael Borts '75

Dr. Borts and his wife, Dr. Mary Jo Gorman, have named SLUH as a beneficiary in their will.

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