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Fully Endowed Scholarships

A fully endowed scholarship requires an investment of $325,000. On average, the endowment principal should earn enough to provide one full tuition annually, based on the Board approved 5.75% draw from the school endowment. The endowment’s long-term rate of return is estimated at 7%.

Benefactors who intend to complete a fully endowed scholarship within a few years commit to the scholarship amount at the time the signed donor form is received by SLUH.

Are you interested in investing in a bright future for promising young men through our scholarship program? Please contact Linda Domeyer at or (314) 269-2113 for more information.

In Gratitude

SLUH is grateful to our generous benefactors for establishing the following fully endowed scholarships, which will benefit our Jr. Bills in perpetuity.

Anonymous (4)

Michael F. Arens '74 Scholarship

Aylward Family Scholarship

The Azar Family Scholarship
Given by Mark and Patricia Azar

Dick ’53 and Katy Baalmann Scholarship

J. Babka Scholarship

Fr. Richard L. Bailey, SJ Scholarship
Given by Robert Millman '54

Fr. Richard L. Bailey, SJ Memorial Scholarship

Bakewell Family Scholarship – Anderson '31, Alexander '32, Nicholas '37 and Peter '37

Donated by Edward L., Jr. '34

Joseph Balestreri Scholarship

John Richard Ballwin Memorial Scholarship

Michael '76 and Karen Beck Scholarship

Maj. Lee Berra '02 Memorial Scholarship

Hugo Biondi Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by Dr. Frank O'Donnell '68

Thomas V. Bruns '50 Memorial Scholarship

Thomas M. '67 and Barbara J. Buchanan Scholarship

Paul Buehler '73 Memorial Scholarship

Mary Calnane Memorial

Sr. Cathlin Casey, B.V.M. Memorial Scholarship

James and Leona Castellano Scholarship  

Donated by James '69 and Karen, Joseph '71 and Lynda, Mike '74 and Elizabeth Castellano

Class of '67 Scholarship Fund

Class of ’70 Scholarship Fund

Class of '71 Scholarship Fund

Class of ’72 Scholarship Fund

Colonna-Shurig Family Scholarship

Thomas W. Connors '62 Memorial Scholarship

Eugene Cook, John Corrigan, John Jennings and Jeffrey Strobach (Class of '66) Memorial Fund

A. Francis Coomes, SJ Memorial Scholarship
Given by Carl Schack '54

Dr. Francis J. Corrigan '37 Memorial Scholarship

Fr. Robert T. Costello, SJ Scholarship

Csik Family Scholarship
In honor of Anton and Maria Csik

Juanita and Herb Cummings  Scholarship
A loving memorial

Rev. Martin Currigan, SJ Scholarship in honor of his Golden Jubilee

Walter F. and Helen Davisson Scholarship

Walter F. and Sharon R. Davisson Scholarship

Michael J. DiLeo Memorial Scholarship

Alfred J. Dill and Helene M. Dill Memorial Scholarships (3) 

Eric A. Dittert '83 Memorial Scholarship

Charles J. Dougherty '37 Memorial Scholarship
Given by Mrs. Suzanne H. Dougherty

James Doyle Memorial

Rev. John Doyle, SJ Memorial  

Contributed by Joseph Pichler '57

John J. Doyle Scholarships

John J. and William E. Doyle, SJ Scholarship  

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Doyle '44

Ebbie Dunn Scholarship
Given by Robert J. Malone '58

Mark A. Ferrara Memorial Scholarship Fund

John Alphonsus Finan and Ida Jostrand Finan Memorial Scholarship

John Fitzsimmons ’76 Scholarship
Given by Tom ’76, Mary Pat, Laura and Jim ’08 Santel

Fogerty Family Scholarship

James M. Foster Scholarship Trust of 1937

Robert G. and Mary Fournie Scholarship

Fox Brothers Scholarship (Bob '69, John '70, Tom '72, Jim '76, Steve '78)
In Gratitude to Dr. Robert E. & Mrs. L. Louise Fox

Mark H. Garascia Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Ann Gau Scholarship

James M. Gellhausen Memorial Scholarship

Norman George Scholarship

Melvin and Jane Giles Scholarship

Mae Gradwohl Memorial Scholarship

Michael and Mary Grassi Scholarship
Given by Robert S. Grassi '55 

Paul and Marian Greffet Scholarship
Contributed by Joseph Pichler '57

Joseph G. Guignon '64 Scholarship

David J. Gund '66 Scholarship
Donated by the David J. Gund Trust

Edward '31 and Charlotte Gund Scholarship Fund
Donated by David J. Gund '66

Robert L. Gund '36 Scholarship
Donated by David J. Gund '66

Scholarship in memory of Lillian Gunsaullus

Fr. Martin Hagan, SJ Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Jesuit Community

Scholarship in memory of my father and mother, Louis Tesson Hall and Isabel von Phul Hall  Louis T. Hall, Jr. '29

Herman and Janice Hamm Scholarship

Henry E. Hampton '57 Memorial Scholarship
Given by classmate Joseph Pichler

Henry E. Hampton Minority Scholarship

Emmet J. Hanick Scholarship
Donated by George '60 and Mary Lou Fitzsimmons

J. Edward Hawk, III Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by Robert J. Maruska '43

Hennessy Family Scholarship
Given by Eugene W. Hennessy '25

Bertha Hincke Memorial Scholarship

Patricia and Lester Hohl Family Scholarship

Fr. Ralph D. Houlihan '52, SJ Scholarship
Given by Tom '76, Mary Pat, Laura and Jim '08 Santel

Kathy Hylla Scholarship

Jesuit Scholarship Fund
Contributed by Dr. Frank O'Donnell '68

Dr. Louis Kappel '28 Scholarship
Contributed by his sons Louis '57, James '58, Stephen '67 and Thomas '69 Kappel

Karl L. Keffler, M.D. and Dorothea L. Keffler Memorial Scholarship
Given by Karl J. Keffler '61

Virginia P. Kelley Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by Edward M. Walsh '44

Francis J. Kenny '32 Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by Mrs. Francis Kenny and Patrick W. Kenny '60

George and Patricia Kloster Scholarship

Joseph A. Komos ’53 Memorial Scholarship
Established in memory of Joe’s commitment to Jesuit education and his strong belief that education uplifts and empowers individuals. Family graduates: Joseph P. Komos ’77, Kevin A. Komos ’81, Anthony M. Ré ’10 and William K. Komos ’15

Therese and Robert Kreier Scholarship
Given by Mrs. Paul S. Brown

Frank and Albert Kump Memorial Scholarship

Mark '70 and Mary Jo LaBarge Family Scholarship

Pierre LaBarge Scholarship Fund

Lachky Family Scholarship

Kelly E. and David J. Laughlin Scholarship

Michael J. L'Ecuyer Memorial Scholarship

Bernie Mack ’64 Family Scholarship

James and Carol Malloy Endowed Scholarship

John F. Mantovani ’36 Memorial Scholarship

Paul L. '74 and Kathleen Matecki Scholarship

John J. McDaniel Memorial Fund (5)
Contributed by Dennis McDaniel '58

William T. and Florence McKenna Scholarship

Patrick R. McNamee ’78 Scholarship Fund 

Louis P. Medgyesi-Mitschang Memorial Scholarships (2)
Given by Dr. Louis N. Medgyesi-Mitschang '58

Susan B. Medgyesi-Mitschang Scholarship Fund
Given by Dr. Louis N. Medgyesi-Mitschang '58

Carl J. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Leona Millman Memorial Scholarship Fund  (Three Scholarships)
Contributed by Robert Millman '54 and Richard Millman '68 

Robert H. Millman Scholarship
Given by Robert L. '54 and Richard G. '68 Millman

Robert L. Millman '54 Scholarship

St. Louis University High School Minority Scholarship Fund

Michael H. Mooney '61 Family Scholarship

William M. Moran '65 Memorial Scholarship

Mildred A. Mulcahy Scholarship
Given by J. Patrick Mulcahy

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Mungenast Scholarship
Contributed by John '47, Andrew '42, David, Charlotte, Carl '57 and Thomas '44 Mungenast

Bryan Murphy '00 Memorial Scholarship

Joan F. and John T. Murphy Scholarship
Given by John T. Murphy ’81 

Michael Murphy '78 Living Memorial
Contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Murphy '41

Paul J. Murphy, SJ Memorial Scholarship

John T. Neaf '44 Memorial Scholarship

Edward G. Nusrala Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by Edward J. Nusrala '57

Dr. Frank E. O'Donnell '68 Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. O'Halloran '46 Scholarship

Paul E. Owens Family Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Jesuit Community

Padberg Family Fund (2)

Eugene and George Pettus Memorial Scholarships  (2 )

Helen Proctor Pollard and William B. Pollard, Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Pomphrey Family Scholarship
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Martin Pomphrey '61, honoring Martin M. Pomphrey Sr. '36, Martin M. Pomphrey Jr., M.D. '61, Richard B. Pomphrey '64, Patrick J. Pomphrey and Francis G. Pomphrey '40

Edward S. Preusch, SJ Memorial Scholarship
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Cletus A. Ahrens ’42

John J. Quinn '40 Scholarship

Robert Martin and Leona Rose Radel Memorial Scholarship
Given in Loving Memory

Maureen C. Rambo Memorial Scholarship

Jim Raterman Scholarship
Given by Tom ’76, Mary Pat, Laura and Jim ’08 Santel

Albert J. Ravarino Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship in memory of Edward Reale

Tom Reid Scholarship Fund

Carl J. Reis Endowment Fund  (6)

Fran and Chris '66 Reither Scholarship Fund

Dr. James F. and Ellen Robinson Fund (4)

Paul L. Rogers Scholarship Fund

Mary Ryan Memorial

Dennis L. Ryll, M.D. Scholarship
Contributed by Dr. Frank O'Donnell '68

Sansone Scholarship
Given by Jim, Tim '84, Doug '89 and Nick '96

Thomas W. ’76 and Mary Pat Santel Scholarship

Walter and Catharine Santel Scholarship

Carl '54 and Merlyn Schack Scholarship 

Charles & Helen Schack Memorial Scholarship (2)

Eileen Schaefer Scholarship
Given by her son John '70

Dan Schlafly Class of ’57 Scholarship

Gerald '56 and Susanne Schroer Scholarship

F. Joseph Schulte Endowed Scholarship

Robert R. Schuppe Memorial Scholarship

Matt Sciuto '70 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sestric Scholarship Fund
Contributed by Anthony '58, Anton, Joseph and Philip Sestric

Fr. Gerald Sheahan, SJ Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Jesuit Community

Paul G. Sheridan, SJ Fully Endowed Scholarship

Paul Sheridan, SJ Scholarship

Fr. Paul  G. Sheridan, SJ Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Jesuit Community

SLUH Jesuit Community Scholarship

Lt. John Gates Spindler, USMC ’63 Memorial Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Class of ’63 

Michele and John Stephens ‘77 Family Scholarship
In loving memory of SLUH coach and teacher Ebbie Dunn and classmate Andrew Libera '77

John T. Straub '66 Scholarship Fund

John J. Struckhoff '88 Memorial Scholarship

Ed Styffe '55 Memorial Scholarship

Robert Sweney '45 Scholarship

Walter P. and Hilda M. Theiss Scholarship

Bro. C. Thomas Thornton, SJ Scholarship
Given by the SLUH Jesuit Community

Patrick A. Twardowski '60 Family Scholarship

Edmund Unger Family Scholarship

Agnes Vanek Memorial Scholarship

Charles F. and Mary Patricia Vatterott Memorial Scholarship

Vatterott Family Scholarship

Edward J. Walsh, Jr. 1926 Memorial Scholarship

Robert J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship

Sorkis Webbe, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Contributed by classmate Eugene Wehking '47

Joseph Weiler Memorial Scholarship

Stephen K. Weinreich '79 Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L.G. Weiss Memorial Scholarship Fund

George Dorian Wendel Memorial Scholarship

Buzz Westfall Memorial Scholarship

Jonnie R. Williams Scholarship
Contributed by Dr. Frank O'Donnell '68

John O. Wilson '64 Scholarship

Charles Joseph Wolff Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Woods Scholarship

John D. '66 and Jeanne M. Wunderlich Minority Scholarship  

Given in Memory of Charles J. Wunderlich

Scholarship in loving memory of Marie Wunderlich

Catherine A. Young Scholarship
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Paul Young '68

Frederick L. Zimmerman, SJ Memorial Scholarship  (2)  

Zimmerman Family Scholarship

"SLUH is an environment that will ultimately be the great building block of my success. I am filled with sincere gratitude to have the opportunity to attend SLUH."

- Charles '23