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Partially Endowed Scholarships

To partially endow a scholarship, the minimum contribution is $30,000. This level of funding projects to yield a scholarship of $1,725 per year. Once the scholarship is established, funds may be added by the donor (or additional donors) to increase tuition relief.

Are you interested in investing in a bright future for promising young men through our scholarship program? Please contact Linda Domeyer at or (314) 269-2113.

In Gratitude

SLUH is grateful to our generous benefactors for establishing the following partially endowed scholarships, which will benefit our Jr. Bills in perpetuity.


Dorothy, Albert '51 & John '81 Ackfeld Family Scholarship

Paul B. and Cathleen F. Anderson Scholarship

Jack & Carlin Anton Scholarship Fund

Stephen W. Armstrong '02 Memorial Scholarship

Steven M. Aufdenspring '95 Memorial Scholarship

Bannister Family Scholarship  
Contributed by Robert L. Bannister '54

Joseph P. Bannister Memorial Scholarship

Baudendistel Family Scholarship
In honor of our Parents, Richard H. and Rosalie A. Baudendistel

Bauman Family Scholarship
Given by Richard '61, Mark '84, and Dan '85 in loving memory of Kevin '89

Rafael and Mary Edith Baz-Dresch Scholarship
Given by Felix Baz-Dresch '56

Tom Becvar Scholarship

William J. Bollwerk '54 Memorial Scholarship

Benoist Scholarship Fund
Contributed by J. Hunt '41, Pierre A. '51, Peter H. '66 and John M. '71 Benoist

Agnes and Louis Bonacorsi Scholarship

Patrick W. Boyce '96 Scholarship

Dr. Henry and Virginia Bredeck Scholarship

John A. Brennan '51 Family Scholarship

Sr. Leo Ann Bub, C.S.J. Scholarship
Given by the Grads of St. Roch's School

Dominic J. Calacci Scholarship
Contributed by the Alumni Sports Trivia Night

John J. Callahan Memorial Scholarship

Derek A. Carter and Family Scholarship

Robert E. Carter '63 Family Scholarship

Cavato Family Scholarship

Daniel P. Charles Family Scholarship

Dr. Charles Cherre and Virginia Cherre Memorial Scholarship

Gerald P. Cleary ’66 Memorial Scholarship
Given by John J. Cleary ’63

James F. and Janice D. Cordes Scholarship

The Fr. Robert T. Costello, SJ Scholarship
Given by classmate Eugene Wehking '47

Ed '31 and Sara Costigan Scholarship

James Guth Costigan '62 Scholarship

Irene Coyle Memorial Scholarship

Fr. Thomas W. Cummings, SJ Scholarship
Given by Felix '56 and Mary Ann Baz-Dresch 

Dan Daly Jr. '63 Scholarship

David and Nancy Danis Scholarship

P.W. Deichmann '74 Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence H. '28 and Mercedes DeMoor Scholarship

Deus Caritas Scholarship

Stephen Deves '11 Scholarship
A gift from the Wittman and Jarboe Family

Leo C. DeVoto Jr. Scholarship

Charles F. and Mary Joy Digman Scholarship
Given by Bill '70, Mark '71, and Thom '72 Digman

Fr. Paul Distler, SJ Memorial Scholarship
Given by Warren Langford '75

Craig S. Doss '00 Memorial Scholarship

Craig S. Doss - Loyola Academy Scholarship

Charles R. Doyle, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Given in gratitude by the SLUH Jesuits

Jerome F. '44 and Joan Eskeles Doyle Family Endowed Scholarship

Neal L. and Verona C. Ehlman Scholarship

Employees of Emerson Scholarship

Etzkorn-Picucci Scholarship

Anthony and Elizabeth Fague Scholarship Fund

John T. Farrell '65 Scholarship

Michael J. Feder '81 Memorial Scholarship

Sarah and Brian Fitzsimmons '96 Scholarship

Michael D. FitzWilliam Scholarship

Dr. John E. Forestner '62 Scholarship

Joseph Forshaw '38 Scholarship

Gabris Family Scholarship
Given by Alexander E. Gabris '24

Eugene C. Gartland '45 Memorial Scholarship

Germanese Family Scholarship

Hugh A. Gibbons and Edward F. Gibbons Memorial Trust

Hugh A. Gibbons and Anastasia Gibbons Memorial Trust

James J. & Jean C. Goggins Scholarship

Gregory Graham Scholarship
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Graham '67

Dr. Joseph M. Grana '37 Memorial Scholarship

Grebel-Weller Scholarship 

Eric W. Grunzinger '99 Memorial Scholarship

Hon. Don Gunn Sr. and Loretto Gunn Scholarship

Emmet J. Hanick Scholarship Fund

Haskell Family Scholarship

Karl Heinz '96 Scholarship

Gerry '61 and Kathie Hempstead Scholarship

Brian Hencel '94 Memorial Scholarship

John P. Hess '66 Scholarship

Heumann Family Scholarship - Carl '53, Carl Jr., SJ '77, Gerry '78, Kurt '85, Anthony '13, Keith McCormack '14
Initiated by Kurt Heumann

Lillian Hoffmann Memorial Scholarship

Hohenberger Family Scholarship

Preston Humphrey '90 Memorial Scholarship

Joseph F. and Alice M. Jedlicka Scholarship

Jesuits of the Missouri Province Scholarship

Johans Family Scholarship

Dallas and Mary Jane Johnson Memorial Scholarship

E. Terrence Jones '59 Scholarship

Kimes Family Scholarship

Kevin '72 and Lynn Kloster Scholarship

Warren F. Knapp Family Scholarship

Daniel '75 and Mary Jane Kohm Scholarship

F. Paul '61 and Carole A. Koob Scholarship

Robert L. Krekeler Memorial Scholarship
Given by Christopher Chivetta

George and Mary Kribs Scholarship

Kveton Family Scholarship

Lally Brothers Scholarship

John and Rosemary Lane Scholarship
Given by Jack Lane Jr. '59 

Harry “Jack” & Patricia Lenzen Scholarship

John Lindeman '55 Scholarship

Joseph and Joan Lipic Scholarship

Edward K. and Claire MacDonald Scholarship

Gary F. and Daniel T. Mahach Scholarship

James Maher and Emily Barton-Maher Scholarship

John F. Mahon Sr. Scholarship

Malecek Family Scholarship
Given by Michael ’84 and Wendy Malecek, Bob and Carolyn Malecek & the Malecek Family

Robert J. Malone '58 Scholarship

Fr. Marco Scholarship

Daniel J. Martin '52 Memorial Scholarship

R. L. McCarthy Scholarship

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. '55 Irish Heritage Scholarship

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. '55 Irish Heritage Scholarship for Artificial Intelligence

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. '55 Irish Heritage Scholarship for Computer Science

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. '55 Irish Heritage Scholarship for Robotics

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. ‘55 Irish Heritage Scholarship for Leadership

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. ‘55 Irish Heritage Scholarship for Leadership and Persuasion 

Thomas V. and Carol A. McTigue Jr. '55 Irish Heritage STEM Scholarship

Hon. Richard J. Mehan '41 & Audrey C. Mehan Scholarship
Given by John ’74 and Katie Mehan

Albert and Loretta Meives Scholarship

Robert Michelmann Jr. '90 Memorial Scholarship

Dr. John Milak Memorial Scholarship

Charles D. Mills '70 Memorial Scholarship

Dr. John J. Moran, Ed.D. Scholarship

William Joseph Moriarty '40 Scholarship

Moro Family Scholarship

Reverends Eugene Morris and David Suwalsky, SJ Scholarship

John “Jack” Murphy Jr. ’35 Scholarship

Gordon F. Neary '50 Memorial Scholarship

JPC Newbold Scholarship

David Ortbals '61 Scholarship

Michael Palumbo '00 Memorial Scholarship

Richard and Jeannette Parkinson Memorial Scholarship
Given by Michael Parkinson '76

Gregory William Patton '12 Scholarship

Antonio Penilla Family Scholarship

Anton and Anita Pichler Memorial Scholarship
Given by Gretchen, Chris, Becky and Josh

Jack '61 and Jim '62 Pollock Scholarship

Raber Family Scholarship

Reidy Brothers Scholarship - Tom '47, Ed '48, Jerry '51, Jim '54

Charles H. Riechmann Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Ring Family Scholarship

Russo '93 Family Scholarship
Scholarship given by Philip and Maria Saunders and Son, Gregory '89

Norbert F. and Beryl J. Schmittgens Memorial Scholarship
Given by Greg '70

Charlie and Jo Schranck Scholarship
Chuck ’74, John ’75, Steve ’77, Dave ’79, Tom ’81 and Tim ’85

Joyce and Jack Schweitzer '42 Scholarship

Dave Schwendemann '54 Memorial Scholarship

Fr. Gerald Sheahan, SJ Scholarship

Edward L and Eileen M. Snodgrass Scholarship
Given by Stephen R. '65, Gary E. '69, John Brian '73 David J. '96, Daniel P. '99, Edward T. '00, Jeffrey R. '04 Snodgrass and families

June Spurr Memorial Scholarship

John and Julie Stein Family Scholarship

Edward J. and Dorothy J. Steube Memorial Scholarship

James F. Stoppe Scholarship

Thomas P. (Sully) Sullivan '81 Memorial Scholarship

Eugene Tichacek '53 Family Scholarship

Tierney/Lanter Scholarship 1947, 2009, 2017

Warren Thompson '77 Memorial Minority Scholarship

Voss Family Foundation Scholarship

Edward J. Walsh Jr. '26 Memorial Scholarship

Walterscheid Family Scholarship

Watlow Scholarship

Joseph A. Weber '28 Scholarship

Theodore J. Weber Scholarship

Tosco Wehking Memorial Scholarship
Given by Eugene Wehking '47

Rev. Robert F. Weiss, SJ '42 Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship in Memory of Wes Welch

William A. Werner, M.D. '37 and William A. Werner '68 Scholarship

Frank and Jeanne Weyforth Family Scholarship

Christopher L. Zandstra '10 Memorial Scholarship

Going to SLUH is being a part of something bigger than myself. I’m very excited to be in the Symphonic Band, and I also hope to try out for the soccer team in the coming years. I am very grateful for the generous financial aid I received. I wouldn’t be able to attend SLUH without it.

- Sam '24