Tribute to the Women of SLUH

Tribute Unveiling Sunday, October 27 at Mother-Son Banquet

From the Blessed Virgin and Anna Backer to teachers and Mothers Club volunteers, women have played an unsung yet unprecedented role in SLUH's history of forming ‘men for others.’ As part of the Bicentennial celebration in 2018, the school launched the Tribute to the Women of SLUH to bring the impact of countless dedicated women to life in a moving and memorable tribute.

Art teacher Sean Powers '05 and students created a beautiful, unique work of art (right) incorporating hundreds of photos of mothers, grandmothers, teachers and others. This artwork, to reside permanently in the Si Commons, will be unveiled at the Mother-Son Banquet at SLUH on Sunday, October 27.

While the artwork has already been created, we envision this tribute as a living, breathing tapestry that will eventually reside in digital format online. We encourage alumni and students to submit digital pictures of their mothers – and wives if they’ve had children attend – and other women they feel have had a significant impact on their SLUH experience. Given the many multigenerational families represented at SLUH, this will also allow us to capture digital images of grandmothers dating back to the 19th century. Separately, we’ll collect photos of current and past female faculty, staff and patrons.

We hope this tribute, in some small way, reflects our gratitude to the women who have toiled tirelessly, and largely anonymously, to make SLUH what it is today, and what it will be for future generations.

Honor a Woman of SLUH